Advertising columns

Advertising columns are cylindrical outdoor sidewalk structures with a characteristic style that are used for advertising and other purposes. Advertising columns are therefore useful in many ways to promote a product or a company. Advertising columns were invented by the German printer Ernst Litfass in 1854. Advertising columns are found in multiple countries and used for many purposes. 

Sign Display can develop custom made advertising columns with the information you want. It is possible to add your company logo on it as well as your slogan, company details and any other message you would like. Besides that we can add a lightning system to the advertising columns. Then your advertising columns will be seen at night as well. An ultimate way of promoting! 

Sign Display has been a full service advertisement production company for over 50 years. We have a wide experience in developing good quality advertising columns, displays, wayfinding systems, LED lightning, retail interior design and business gifts. Our clients are, among others, premium brands as Sara Lee, Heineken, Texaco, Q-Park and G-Star. Our staff members are highly qualified and are able to advice you about your advertising columns

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