Corporate identity

The corporate identity of your company is more than a fancy slogan troughout or written vision. Your corporate identity needs to be noticeable and has reach all your organizations internal and external communication. A profitable and successful company has to have a sustained corporate identity. The corporate identity helps you create the right image for your customers. 

The corporate identity of your company also includes the right communication channels. At Sign Display we can help you create a professional corporate identity with the products we deliver. Sign Display has been a full service advertisement agency for 50 years now. We have a wide variety of corporate identity products as displays, wayfinding systems, point of sales displays, LED lighting, et cetera. We have helped creating the corporate identity of clients such as Sara Lee, Heineken, Chanel, G-star and Bacardi.  

We have the experience in building your corporate identity and making it work for your company. Sign Display helps you throughout the whole process, from the moment an idea is born until the end product. 

Start working on your corporate identity straight away and contact us for the possibilities.