LED sign

A LED sign is the ultimate way of promoting your business, product or event. LED signis a new technique, which provides us with new possibilities. You should, however, get some good advice to achieve the best possible results. Sign Display has over more than 50 years of experience and is the right partner to create your LED sign

Important aspects to think about when developing a LED sign are the light intensity, the lifespan of your LED sign and the right matching systems available on the market. Because of our new laser it is now possible to also produce larger LED signs . Besides all the previous mentioned benefits there is another important benefit of the LED sign: low energy consumption. 

We can create any LED sign you would like. It starts with  a small LED sign and can be very large, depending on your request. You can add your company logo into the LED sign and even your slogan. 

It's totally up to you. Just ask us about the possibilities for your customized LED sign.