Wayfinding system

The concept of a wayfinding system is an important part of any well-designed environment. When visiting a new place, viewers need to be able to find their way to your company easily. A good wayfinding system will allow them to reach their destination comfortably, without any stress. The most important aspect of a good wayfinding system is that it needs to get the viewer where he wants to go. It needs to have clear navigation paths with well-defined routes that make it easy for viewers to move from their current location to their destination. 

Besides a good design, it is also important in a wayfinding system to have clear and structured information. Navigating to a strange place is difficult enough without having to process a different design at each point along the way. A consistent, recognizable design across all elements of the wayfinding system will relax the viewer.

 A wayfinding systemprovided by Sign Display can be used for both indoor- as outdoor solutions. This can range from just one display to providing a complete building with the desired corporate identity. The materials that are used for the wayfinding system can be made out of any material and are all being customized to your preferences. 

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